The Pandemic has proved to be a threat for life. Due to the government imposing frequent lockdowns to curb its spread, many people are willing to move to different townships due to various reasons such as working from home, moving closer to their families if they have been staying afar, moving to areas where health facilities are closer and superior as a measure of protection, switching to larger & newer homes, more family focused neighbourhoods . Thus, it is all the more important to keep yourself protected when you have decided to relocate. Whether you hire a moving company or choose to move on your own, these 09 steps can enlighten you for a safer move.

Tip #1 House hunt virtually using Zoom Calls and other video conferencing apps with your Realtor

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live and work. The real estate industry too has adopted digital solutions that aid buying and selling of properties. Technology has made it possible for customers to hunt for homes virtually, while sitting at home. Virtual reality enables one to experience both the interiors and exteriors of the property. Virtual house hunting enables prospective buyers to visit many properties online in a short span of time, without having to step out of their homes, thereby making the house-hunting process safe during the pandemic.

Nowadays, clients insist on virtual tours which can be a short video of the house or even a live video call through Google,Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. Besides the tours of the house, the clients also insist on seeing the view that a house offers, such as the garden, pool, main road, building on the opposite side, etc., as well as the recreational amenities such as the gym, walking track or even the car parking area that the complex has to offer. Thus, opt for the above methods for house hunting. Let’s go the digital way.

If you have decided to relocate, move to
– less populated areas surrounding GTA like Newmarket, Georgina, Milton etc.

The city Milton has a very small town feel, mainly because of all the surrounding farmlands. Downtown Milton has lots to offer for its residence, including parks, the Farmer’s Market, cafés, pubs, and more. Milton is also known for their public schools’ high reputations. Find a good realtor who can help you find homes in Newmarket and Georgina and Milton etc.

or towns which are 1 t0 3 hours from Toronto like North Bay

North Bay is a great place to live if you enjoy the outdoors and want larger city amenities while maintaining a sense of small, safe community. North Bay is a safe and welcoming community of approx. 51,553 people. Just a 3-hour drive from Toronto and a 3.5-hour drive from Ottawa, the opportunities that exist in North Bay combine the beauty of nature with the chance to grow, learn and develop as a professional in an economically diverse city. North Bay real estate market offers a variety of options for houses for rent and condos for sale in the North Bay township. There are various waterfront properties and stand alone houses for sale in North bay. Choosing the right realtor will help you find good detached houses, condos etc. in North Bay

Maintaining a safe social distance, wearing Covid Protector Kit and abiding by guidelines

Require that those present on move day wear proper PPE, including masks and gloves. This will help to keep everyone involved healthy and safe on move day.

Disinfect and Sanitize your space where you will be relocating

Hiring professional cleaners to help with your move-in/move-out cleaning tasks can be an excellent time-saving option. However, you may also choose to do the house cleaning yourself using a good disinfectant and sanitizers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides general recommendations for routine cleaning of households:
Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example: tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, and electronics with “products suitable for the surface, following label instructions.”
Pay close attention to the safety instructions when using cleaning products. For example, never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaner; wear rubber gloves and other protective wear, if indicated; increase ventilation by opening windows and doors to allow in fresh air.
In addition to cleaning your furniture and belongings as you unpack, make sure to properly dispose of all packing materials. Contact your local government agency if you have questions regarding the disposal or recycling of boxes and other packing material.

Get a Virtual Moving Estimate and Sign Documents Electronically
When looking to move to a new home,opt for a virtual survey or in-home estimate through the booking process. Virtual survey offers an alternative to the traditional in-person moving estimate allowing you to remotely walk an estimator through your home using video chat on your mobile device.

Check with your moving company to find out how you can best prepare for their virtual quote process. If you choose to try the Virtual Survey tool, here are a few things you can do to prepare for your remote estimate:

1. Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged.
2. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, data charges may apply.
3. Turn on the lights in all of the rooms you will be showing to your estimator.
4. Open all cabinets and closets for items inside you will need us to move.
5. Have a tape measure on hand, just in case your estimator needs you to measure an item for accuracy.

Keep at least 6 feet from your movers during the process.

While in contact, ask about the policies and procedures they’ve implemented to maintain safety around coronavirus. They should have an actual plan to share with you. This should include how the company is keeping its staff safe, as well as how they’re sanitizing trucks and equipment.

On moving day, you should see your movers in masks and gloves with a big bottle of hand sanitizer in their truck.Keep at least 6 feet from your movers during the process. They should do their best to stay an appropriate distance apart from you, but help when you can. Try to stay in rooms where movers aren’t picking up or delivering stuff to make social distancing easier.

Since it’s not possible to crash for a night at a friend’s house if you forget to turn on your power, make sure to set up all utilities before you move. This includes water, gas, electricity and Wi-Fi.

Remember, these utility companies may be impacted by the coronavirus as well, so you might want to schedule your service as early as possible.Try to buy all your supplies in one go to have a smooth shifting process. Buy your eateries, set up a space for yourself in the new home while the shift is happening so that you can carry on with your activities as well.

If you are in a high-risk group consider finding an alternate means of moving, such as using your own vehicle or renting a moving truck.

Even though it’s possible to safely move during coronavirus, certain situations may make it necessary to cancel or postpone a move. If you’re in a high-risk group, it’s best to wait and move later. You should also delay if you’re feeling sick in any way or else if moving is the only option left, find an alternate means of moving, such as using your own vehicle or renting a moving truck.

Making a detailed plan for both your departure and arrival

Talk to your movers and get verbal and written confirmation that coronavirus won’t delay your move. A phone call or video chat, along with a physical invoice, should cover your bases.

With all the variables of social distancing and coronavirus safety to worry about, keep your move as organized as possible. Make sure you:

1. Create a packing inventory, so you know what’s in each box
2. Separate what’s going on the moving truck and what’s coming with you.
3. Keep all important papers regarding the move and your new detached homes or condos together and in your possession.
4. Share your moving day itinerary with a friend or family member so they know where you are and can reach you if necessary

If possible, you can add another layer of protection to your move by completing all your packing at least 24 hours before the movers come. Letting boxes sit, at least that long without touching them can help decrease the risk of transmitting any germs from your end to someone else.

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