North Bay Ideal Location is favourable

North Bay Ontario is ideally located at the crossroads of trans-continental highways, railways, air and fibre-optic routes and provides a link to the north, south, east and west for transportation and communication activities. These excellent connections to other markets ensure the rapid and economical transportation of people, products and raw materials.

North Bay Ontario is strategically located just three and a half hours from major Ontario centres such as Toronto and Ottawa and a short distance to U.S. markets.

The advantage of North Bay’s location benefits and gives your business a competitive edge. Close proximity to major centres, available land, accessible markets and a great lifestyle are all realized in North Bay Ontario.

Recreational biking has increased exponentially over the past two decades, and the City of North Bay has responded to this trend by creating several urban and wilderness trails that can be enjoyed year round by bikers of all levels of skill.

Cyclists in Northwest Ontario will find themselves immersed in a rugged and untouched environment, with many great trails and road routes to discover. Tear down the hills and mountain sides of the Canadian Shield, perfectly suited for mountain biking in the summer and fat biking in the wintertime. Bikers and Nature Lovers can head out on their road bike for long stretches of country roads through beautiful landscapes and small communities. A perfect destination for an off the beaten track cycling adventure.

The vast region of Northwest Ontario covers the largest part of Northern Ontario with many remote and untouched destinations with no road access. Most cycling will be found in the southernmost part of the region around the Thunder Bay and Kenora areas, offering both trail and road cycling options.

Let’s discover some of the best bike routes in and around North Bay Ontario

1. Horse Trails (The Monastery Trails): Horse Tails and cedar heights are a combination of single track, double track with some sandy flow. It is Cross-Country Trail- Type

2. High Lake Trail: It’s a super fun, twisty, technical, rocky and an awesome trail for mountain bikers. This trail is relatively flat with little elevation gain.Good place to ride when trails are wet.

Nearby is the service trail to Falcon Trails Resort’s eco cabins and is frequented by RTV traffic as they deliver luggage to and from their cabins. Please watch out for these vehicles! There isn’t really great access to the lake off that trail as it leads to one of their private rental cabins. This is the better option for hiking to High Lake- off the South Shore trail (a part of the Trans Canada Trail), which you can take a right turn on when you reach the “Chattermark” trail sign about half way out.

3. Trapper’s: Trappers Trail is a 1.3 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail located near Algoma District, Ontario, Canada that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching.

4. Kaileys: Kaileys is a 1 km moderately popular blue singletrack trail located near North Bay Ontario. This mountain bike primary trail can be used in both directions and has a moderate overall physical rating. On average it takes 10 minutes to complete this trail.

5. Jacks Switch Backs: It is Technical cross country, roots, rocks, flow, lots of moss and ideal for biking.

Here is a quick list if you want to explore more bike routes in North Bay Ontario

  • North Bay Bike Route (Road): With a variety of hill climbs and descents, this route is popular with experienced riders. Starting at around 30km, cyclists can also extend the length with a variety of route alternatives and smaller loops on paved roads.
  • Powassan Circle Route (Road): This 58km route starts in Powassan and brings cyclists on a mix of paved and gravel roads through the communities of Callander, Powassan and Nipissing, before looping back into Powassan. Suitable for cyclists with road riding experience.
  • Corbeil Circle Bicycle Route (Road): At 45km, this route takes cyclists from the Kate Pace Way in North Bay to the community of Callander. Sections of both Hwy 17 and Hwy 94 have paved shoulders. Suitable for cyclists with road riding experience.View online for alternative route extensions (50km).
  • Kate Pace Way (Paved Trail): Approximately 12km in length, this paved pathway winds along North Bay’s waterfront, as well as through residential and developed areas. As a multi-use trail, cyclists must be cautious and respectful of other users. Also part of the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Kinsmen Trail (Paved Trail): This paved, multi-use trail winds through North Bay, ending at Lake Nipissing. 7km in length, the trail is suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. At the south end of the trail is the Chippewa Ecopath, a nature trail that follows 3.2km of the Kinsmen Trail.
  • Callander Trail (Trail): Nearly 10km in length, this trail begins in southwest Callander. Heading northeast, the trail ends at Pinecreek Road, south of the town of Callander. With a surface of compact soil/gravel, the trail is suitable for mountain bikes. Also part of the Trans Canada Trail.
  • Laurier Woods Conservation Area (Trail): The 5.5km trail network surface is compact soil and accessible to cyclists. The trails are multi-use, so cyclists should be cautious of other users.
  • Cranberry Trail (Trail): This 2.5km trail on gravel/compact soil begins at the end of Cranberry Road in Callander and brings cyclists to the edge of Callander Bay on Lake Nipissing.

One of the surprising and unexpected outcomes of the pandemic has been, for some, a return to biking. North Bay’s beloved local bike shops could not keep up with demand while some shops literally sold out of bikes! It’s no wonder that North Bay’s trails and pathways have seen a surge in activity in recent months–cycling offers a chance to reconnect with the places and people that make North Bay Ontario extraordinary while giving us a healthy dose of exercise in the process.

The city recently added bike lanes along the North Bay Waterfront, giving more space to the easy-riders and families rolling along the Kate Pace Way.

Cycling is also a great way to reconnect with North Bay’s soul–the people! While art galleries and cultural centres may be closed, outdoor art installations are always open, bringing us closer to North Bay’s creators. A slow-roll through the downtown is a great way to experience the vibrant display of public street art.

The bicycle offers an incredible way to rediscover the places where we live, to renew social connections and to reconnect with nature. In North Bay Ontario, the opportunities are as vast as the sunsets on Lake Nipissing.

Are you biking in North Bay? Share your favourite trails and photos with us

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